mercoledì 24 giugno 2009

The story of Ciambellamper

During these days I'd love to remember with you Ciambellamper, the cat that belong to my friend David.

Ciambellamper died a couple of years ago, after an adventurous life, lasted 19 years and 3 months.

Let's begin.

When Ciambellamper got to David, they called him Bacchus, because he was a male.
Well, he had testicles: what else could he be?

Sometimes David (a child in those years), used to ask his mom: "Hey mom, why is Bacchus getting so fat?"
She answered: "Well, he eats like a lion"

One day, getting home, they found Bacchus with 4 kittens around him: they where his sons.

So everyone asked this question: what the heck is our Bacchus?

The vet solved the riddle: Bacchus was both male and female, an hermaphrodite, with working female organs.

In that moment his name changed to the asexual "Ciambellamper".

Vet stated: "Well, since it's a female, we can neuter her!"

No mistake was bigger
But not for Ciambellamper.


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