martedì 2 giugno 2009

Natural Talents

Once upon a time I spent my New Years's Day at Sandro's, a friend of mine known as "Nuclear Metal".
There were many friends and between them there was Diego, with his ex girlfriend Elena.
Elena, maybe because a little too much drunk or maybe just to be a smooth talker, said:
"No one do blowjobs as I do".
And I immediately said: "And how do you do them?"
So she explained all the precedure, also answering our questions about some unclear point.
In the end, I saw her ex boyfriend, Diego, going away a little pissed off, so I followed him.
He, pretty much annoyed, said to me: "Eh, she shouldn't tell those kind of things. Blowjobs are a private matter."

I've never had a classic New Year's Day.

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