martedì 9 giugno 2009

Music for the masses

The year I got my high shool degree, I did a concert in the Arona zone with my band, the Ethereal. In that moment we were feeling like the most awesome band in the world, ma the truth was that we were not that good.

Whatever, we did the concert.

In the end the last band of the evening appeared, a band no one had seen for the whole afternoon.
Those band was named "Kavier Dinner" and was a Brutal Death metal band.

Ok. When they get on stage, the singer presented the band in this way:
"Hi all, we are Kavier Dinner and this is our first song: Fecal Obsession!"

The band was pretty awesome, but after some time the guitarist sat down on the amplifier and continued his concert standing sat down.

You cannot play a song called "Fecal Obsession" and stay sit.

No way.

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