lunedì 8 giugno 2009

The smartest

Near my holiday home, there are lots of cats. They are pretty nice and they don't do anything all day long.

My mother and me are used to put outside our window something for them to eat, so they get there, they eat and they are happy.

One of these cats is, problably, not the smartest cat in the group. To be clear: once he came to eat something.
Once got there, he sniffed the food. Then he puts his foot in it. Some food remains stuck in his foot, so he went ballistic, shaking his leg and hitting the glass of the window to take out the food from the foot.
When he got free, he put again his foot in the food.

Looking at the dorkness of this cat, a collegue of him got tired of waiting, hitted him to make him fall from the window and finally have access to the food.

Animals don't have any respect for the others's misery.

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