giovedì 9 luglio 2009

Driving Women

A couple of years ago, I had a girlfriend who I'll call here "Nina".

She didn't have a good relationship with any engine-driven vehicle, like cars, but nothing like a good story can make you understand what I mean.

Well, in that period we went to get her new car, a blue Ford Ka. When we got to the dealer, she was terrorized already.
This terror became blind horror when she began to drive.

My first doubt about her skills was when she was getting out of the dealer: I think the car passed at no more than 4 micron from the gate.

Once we got in the street, I said her to do an inversion, because we were pointing at the wrong direction. The street was completely desert and was as large as an aircraft carrier, so it was pretty easy, she just had to do a simple turn.
Well, as you know, the inversion manoeuvre schedule that in the beginning you look in a direction and in the end of the manoeuvre, you look in the opposite direction.
You'll easily understand my astonishment when, in the end of the manoeuvre, the car was more or the less in the same place it was in the beginning.

Actually, she did a 360 degrees turnaround and stopped. When we had a deal about the meaning of "inversion", we turned the car and go.

We were then in a small street, that flowed into a large street. Obviously our street had a STOP in the end. Unfortunately, Nina didn't have a great experience with the vehicle and she was not too skilled into start-ups: quite often the car shut down.

How to solve this problem? Simply never stopping.

Even if I cried to break, she, without fear or doubt and without looking, went into the larger street.
You'll easily understand my whopping blind horror.
I made her stop, leave from the driver seat and I took her place as driver.

Hey, I don't want to die.

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