martedì 7 luglio 2009

Digestive system lets you know it's there in any way

Years ago I went with the shool in Denmark for a week, to do some sort of cultural exchange.

When we were going to the airport to get home (sadly), we decided to take the "fast" boat to travel the sea part we had to do.

The weather was not good and the sea was pretty bad. This was making the boat bending like crazy in all directions.
This was not bothering me, but a lot of people began to puke everywere with instantaneous vomit. This vomit was free to pour and go everywhere it wanted to, generating more vomit.

Next to me there was a friend of mine, Cappe. Suddenly he said:
"Alex! Alex! Oh god I feel sick"
Me: "Oh no, you have to throw up?"
Cappe: "No, no, completely different: I have fo fart!"
Me: "You mean that all this movement stimulate your gas?"
Cappe: "It seems so! HERE WE GO!"

And there he went. While everyone was throwing up, he farted like crazy. And I was between all this.

It you go in Denmark, remember not to go in any boat.

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